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Manufacturer Air Robot launched the Riding Intelligent Robot (RINGBO)’ which was the world’s first commercial riding toy robot, and has exported and sold both domestically and overseas. The product had enabled the development of proprietary products and has eased the stagnancy of the domestic and overseas toy markets and overcome the problem of a lack of creative ideas.

The robot industry is “a new growth industry that is being actively worked on by the Korean government”. The toy industry is based on creative ideas, and is expanding its products into digital toys and toy robots.

This digital toy market has a high potential for growth because toys with which children are familiar are integrated with state-of-the-art technology. The toy industry estimates the sales of the digital toy market in 2009 to be about KRW 140 billion. This accounts for about 20% of the entire toy market whose sales reach KRW 600 billion. This percentage is expected to increase.

Air Robot develops and sells a variety of “digital toys ” and it focuses on the large market that has been created at the crossroads where toys meet with robots’ and it has emerged as a new pioneer in the toy industry. The digital toys range from ”robot birds’ which are flying toys equipped with computer chips’ to artificial intelligent riding robots that can be ridden by children ”.

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