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'RINGBO' Information on Patents

  • Patent Title : Robot Toy
  • Application No. : 2007-0045659
  • Patent Registration No : 10-0863610

  • Patent Details
    This patent is a robot toy. It consists of the operative part, which is equipped with left and right joysticks and enables movement in a forward or backward direction, as well as motors and wheels that control individual left and right operations. Owing to its small rotation radius, the users can freely enjoy riding even in small areas and collision or injury from sudden stoppage is prevented.

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  • Advantages of Air Robot Technology Even 1 or 2-year old infants can operate the product easily and safely with the joysticks. Users can enjoy riding in a small indoor area since the product has a low rotation radius. The product can recognize obstacles by using a sensor and will stop. It is an intelligent servicing robot with autonomous control. The product enables English conversation education that notifies the user of product status.