'MAV' Overview of Patented Technology

Patents Certification
  • Patent Title : Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV)
  • Korean Patent Registration No. : 0537173
  • U.S. Patent Registration No.: US 7,445,536 B2
  • The patented technology of Air Robot enables MAVs to take off or land vertically by obtaining lift owing to the rotation of a single rotor without tail wings or gyroscopes. In addition, the technology enables MAVs to perform reliable flying or hovering flying that maintains their altitude when the horizontal speed is 0. Air Robot has developed a new principle of rotor MAVs that maintain hovering by using a single rotor and has obtained a patent for it.
  • The patent for this technology has been registered in Korea and the U.S. (Refer to Photo 2). Rotor MAVs enabling reliable direction control are being developed to use the technology for the purposes of war and other diverse industries.

Concept Diagram of a New Concept of Flying Principle

Flying principle
  • Reliable hovering using a single rotor
  • This is the worldĄŻs first MAV using a single rotor, and it enables accurate vertical takeoff, landing, and hovering.
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