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Easy and intuitive operation by the speed change and direction controls (moving forward/backward/to the left/right/rotation)with joy sticks:

RINGBO enables the control of movement in various directions (forward, backward,left, right, and rotation) with joy sticks rather than steering wheels unlike traditional riding toys.

Thus, this product allows one- or two-year old infants to enjoy riding by ensuring very simple operation features.

RINGBO is the first riding robot that enables the following features: since the front and rear sides of this product use an infrared rays sensor, it automatically stops when an obstacle appears to prevent collision with the obstacle and damage tofurniture or indoor facilities.

While it is difficult to enjoy traditional riding toys due to their wide rotation radiuses,RINGBO, using the individual left and right operation method, which is the patented technology of Air Robot, enables operation without a rotation radius (Zero Swing Radius : 360-degree rotation enabled at a standstill) to ensure free movement even in a small space or living area. This product allows 1 to 6-year old infants and children to ride in a living room or anywhere in the house. Most of the riding toys for outdoor use require a parentís constant attention and care for safety reasons however,RINGBO allows the users to enjoy indoor play alone without constant supervision.

Considering that RINGBO is used by children, the product enables the following features: If the user takes off his or her foot from the pedal, it will automatically stop. This product operates only when the user sits on the product in a stable position and presses the pedal. This is to prevent accidents.
  • The product has an attractive modern design. RINGBO has an exterior with cutting-edge image and simple, adorable design. (The design has been registered.)

  • RINGBO is an intelligent riding robot that notifies the user of its operational status: charging, needs recharging, obstacle detection, stopping, and it also speaks English.
    - Power on : Are you ready?
    - Sensor on : Sensors on, I will be with you?
    - Sensor off : Sensors off, please drive safely.
    - PEDAL : Here we go.
    - Right Button & Left Button : Letís have fun! Excuse me ~ you are in my way.
    - Obstacles : Watch out!
    - Battery : I am hungry. Please recharge me.