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MAVs for industries can perform filming or detection in areas that are hazardous to human beings in order to expand their roles limitlessly.

Product Industrial

Aerial Photography

  • Full views of elementary, middle, and high schools as well as universities
  • Full views of golf courses
  • Full views of churches and temples
  • Construction works of roads, railroads, subways, and tunnels
  • Processes in construction sites
  • Harbors and marine materials
  • Sites for excavating cultural assets
  • Plotting out apartments and buildings
  • Others

Product industrial mav

Unmanned Detection

  • Internal filming of disasters or accidents
  • Measurement of pollution levels
  • Check of terror status and progress
  • Disaster areas affected by fire or building destruction
  • Verification and rescue of survivors
  • Examination of crop damages from blight and harmful insects and prediction of harvests
  • Tracking wild animals
  • Killing hazardous insects
Using MAVs for Armies following Integration with Related Technology

Personal Devices

MAVs and PCs

MAVs are sent by soldiers, before an operation, to measure chemical, biological, and radioactive pollution levels. The geographical features of the operation area are examined by video before operation. For street battles, MAVs ensure more efficient flying on narrow alleys or between buildings and enable spying or attacks through ventilating openings or chimneys.

Scouting Robots for Small Units

  • Small, simple scout plane for 10 to 15 people and for each squad
  • Simple scout plane that can minimize casualties in a case of emergency
  • Scouting in areas where terrors or disasters have occurred as well as at times of war
  • Diverse uses since this product can be easily operated and can perform special tasks
  • Presentation of the Concept of Operating the MAVs of Air Robot at a Seminar for the Development of Assorted Weapon Systems Hosted by the R.O.K. Joint Chiefs of Staff under the Ministry of Defense

Military MAV