I am Yang Giyeong, the CEO and president of Air Robot Co.. Ltd.

Looking back on my childhood days. I was Interested in books and products related to robots. I collected robots such as Mazinga Z and Taekwon V and drew Mazinga Z on my books and notepads. I also had a great interest in airplanes and frequently spent my time assembling different kinds of toys. After graduating from college, in December 19901 entered C hell Worldwide Inc., an advertising firm and performed the marketing and advertisement of some of the main conglomerates in Korea for 16 years. During this period, I worked on a variety of successful campaigns. However, even though I advised the development of new products and performed marketing as well as advertising as an Account Executive CAE) of an advertising firm, I wanted to develop creative products on my own in the manu r ng us my. My interest in robots and airplanes from my childhood days inspired the cornp any name Air Robot?As I dreamt of manufacturing creative products that could help consumers using state-of-the-art technology, I started to expand my business.

I realized while conceiving and implementing ideas at an advertising firm that successful business cannot be ensured with ideas or technology. Charles Cros. who Invented the phonograph eight months before Edison. did not have the money to fulfill his designs or the marketing abilities for publicl.z ing his ideas. The biggest reason why most venture companies fail is that they do business only based on their technological capabilities without strong marketing and PR.

Ideas or technology can only be launched when they are in the public eye. I think that even great technology cannot be commercialized without good marketing abilities, however successful commercialization can occur when the synergy effect takes place and “technological creativeness?is integrated with “marketing I would like to ask you to continue to support Air Robot and to maintain your Interest In the company.

Thank you.
Yang Gi-yeong
CEO & President of Air Robot Co. Ltd.